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Relevant Courses


Spring 2010

RAZA 210: Latino Health Care Perspectives [20 hours Community Service Learning]

Diseases and health conditions that are prevalent in underserved populations; socio-economic, political, racial, cultural, and environmental factors that influence conditions in Raza communities in the U.S. (Formerly RAZA 210)

ETHS 100: Introduction to Ethnic Students

History, objectives, and philosophy of Ethnic Studies. Student’s personal, educational, and career development in a pluralistic society and in an institute of higher education.


Fall 2010

ETHS 110: Critical Thinking and Ethnic Studies

Basic skills involved in understanding, criticizing, and constructing arguments by using materials reflective of experiences of ethnic/racial groups in the U.S.

AFRS 204: Introduction to Black Creative Arts

Culture of Black Americans through examination of the creativity of its women artists.


Spring 2011

SW 699: Independent Study

Pride Peer Student Leader. Included tabling, creating resources, organizing events, and networking on and off-campus.

COUN 606: Introduction to Peer Counseling [32 Hours Community Service Learning]

Clinical processes to help individual students learn listening, responding, interpretation, decision-making, program development, implementation, and evaluation skills. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 units.


Fall 2011

WGS 200: Introduction to Women & Gender Studies

Introduction to origins, purpose, subject matter, and methods of women and gender studies and the feminist perspectives on a range of social issues affecting women

WGS 514: Women & the Prison Industrial Complex

Incarceration of women and children in prisons, jails, juvenile and mental institutions. Treatment on the basis of race, class, and ethnicity; reforms or alternatives to incarceration.

SXS 421: Homophobia and Coming Out

Sources, forms, and history of homophobia; processes and consequences of coming out as related to gender, ethnicity, religion, age, socio-economic background, and physical ability

WGS 512: Feminist Approaches to Queer Identities and Communities

Examination of queer identities in cultural and historical contexts, using a transnational feminist approach. Presents a challenge to Western assumptions about sexual identities and analysis of sexuality through nation, gender, race and class.

COUN 699: Independent Study [45 Hours Community Service Learning]

Pride Peers Student Leader. Worked on laying the groundwork for the first annual Queer Yo Mind Conference. Also worked on building on-campus LGBTQ resources and programs.


Spring 2012

ETHS 360: Cultural Dialogues and Ethnic Literature

Ethnic literature as a comparative dialogue between cultures, in relation to other forms of artistic expressions, and within the context of the humanities, cultural patterns, aesthetic experiences, and political activism.

WGS 578: Women, Globalization, and Ecology

Ecological issues concerning women and gender from a third world women’s perspective: environmental racism and justice, ecology, health, development, and international human rights

SXS 301: Perspectives of GLBT Studies

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender studies as a field of knowledge. Cultural, social, political, and personal aspects of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transsexual issues.

SXS 699: Independent Study

Summer Institute Internship at Center for Research and Education on Gender and Sexuality. Involved administrative work, outreach for participants, communication with speakers, and creation of promotional materials.

SXS 314: GLBT History

History of gays, lesbians, and bisexuals


Summer 2012

SXS 567: Cross-Cultural Sex and Gender

Sex, sexuality, and gender; the control of sexuality, cultural components of gender role and gender identity, and symbolic aspects of sex and gender.


Fall 2012

WGS 300: Gender, Race, and Nation – GWAR

Intersectional, transnational, transdisciplinary analysis of women and gender. Topics include U.S. women of color feminisms and contemporary social justice movements.

LTNS 410: Seminar on Gender and Latinas

Political, social, economic, and cultural influences affecting the Raza woman in the U.S. and Latin America.

WGS 552: Transgender Identities and Communities

Examination of transgender and transsexual identities in cultural and historical contexts using a transnational feminist approach. Presents a challenge to Western gender binaries and analyzes gender through nation, race, sexuality, and class.

WGS 601: Cultures of Consumption

Analysis of how neoliberal service economies, particularly urban tourism, reconfigure and put to work race and gender meanings. Focus on the production of new modes of consumption including racialized tourist sites, cosmopolitan adventures, and gay weddings.

SXS 699: Independent Study

Teaching Assistant for SXS 421.


Spring 2013

WGS 621: Feminist Theories

Analysis of feminist theories and practices internationally and historically; examination of theories of gender, race, class, sexuality, identity, community, modernity, and nation. Study of methods, histories, and implications of feminist thought in various academic, cultural, and political contexts.

WGS 690: Senior Seminar

Focuses on enabling students to evaluate their learning progress by creating a portfolio which includes writing a paper analyzing their work. Students collaborate to produce a publication.

WGS 699: Research Methods in Advanced Transgender Studies (Independent Study)

This study will be focused on Transgender Women of Color across space and time. Using various research methods to uncover these herstories and examine a modern existence. I am interested in contextualizing Transgender Women of Color within neoliberalism, and specifically examining commodification of their bodies in terms of sex work.


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