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[Upcoming] Intersectionality in Public Health Methodology

He Had It Comin’: Radical Cultures of Resistance Against Institutionalized and Interpersonal Violence is currently my most important paper. This paper exhibits some of my most developed theories and thoughts regarding Trans Women of Color. I had an experience of extreme transphobia in a very public setting where my life was threatened and that experience guided me to examine how some Trans Women of Color utilize violence as agency. A key component of this paper is also my construction of a Trans Women of Color Oppositional Worldview, as influenced by bell hooks.

With this oppositional worldview I hope to begin to examine other aspects of my life where transphobia and cissexist violence exists. The paper could generally use more edits and development in the flow. It is a solid academic paper and I hope to bring it to various conferences across the Nation within the next year or two.

Trans* Womyn of Color, Solidarity, and Ecology is a strong paper attempting to bridge the third world and first world trans women of color through acts of solidarity focused on an ecological worldview. Looking back, my writing is not the strongest but I am able to construct a standpoint for Trans Women of Color utilizing various theoretical tools such as Dean Spade’s critical trans politics, Vandana Shiva’s critical thought on ecological connections to third world women, and the violence enacted against queer and trans bodies spatially examined in Queer Ecologies. I hope to build on the foundation laid out in this paper to examine how Transgender Women of Color interact with ecology and how it interacts with Transnational feminism.

Transgender Studies and Activism was a piece done as a mid-term for a class on Transgender identities and communities. It is a strong piece interrogating Transgender Studies and how it fails to integrate the lived experiences of Transgender Women of Color as well as the everyday experiences of trans communities. I am proud of this piece because I assert the need for a racial analysis within Transgender Studies and why it is important. Looking back and realizing I’m doing research around the materiality of Trans Women of Color lives specifically around sex work, I have been wanting to use a queer of color analysis and this paper exhibits my inquiry that began Fall 2012.

Depth(s) of Violence and Resistance was the second mid-term for my class on Transgender Identities and Communities. This paper specifically covers some of the violence found and examined by our class against Transgender individuals and communities. I chose this paper for my portfolio mostly because I wanted to show my ability to research and accumulate examples of violence against Transgender people with the hope of using these examples in a later paper.

These pieces articulate and exemplify my ability and passion for writing about Transgender Women of Color. I believe that by doing research that both Roderick A Ferguson and Vivianne Namaste both call for in their respective books, Abberations in Black and Invisible Lives that Trans Women of Color can begin to show the unique intersectional and material realities of trans of color lives.

Side note: You can also find copies of my academic work at my academia.edu page!

Presented “That Queer Said What?! A critical examination of homonormativity in on-campus organizing at San Francisco State University”


Presenting at the Queer Yo Mind Conference, 2012


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